The story of LODA begins in 1930 when Henri Lorent and Jan Daemen start their own factory for the production and distribution of washing products in the heart of their hometown Westmalle (Belgium), right next to the townhall.



In 1996 LODA, by then also a producer and distributor of demiwater, is acquired by Hans Geerts, current owner and CEO of the company. This takeover heralded - literally and figuratively - a new era.



Just before the turn of the century, we moved to a new factory in Westmalle and took over Savonnerie Heymans, then the Belgian market leader for soda crystals.



In the years following our relocation and the takeover of Savonnerie Heymans, we continued to grow, even much so that in 2012 - despite investments - we had outgrown our facilities and had to start looking for a bigger location, which we found in the new industrial area of the neighbouring town Beerse (Belgium).

The construction of our new site in Beerse was centered not only around expansion, but also around sustainability, as we equipped our new facilities with various sustainable elements, such as production lines with a smart system for water use and water recycling.



The commissioning of our new premises also gave a new boost to our growth in recent years and led to an array of new developments in 2020.

Firstly, we build and commissioned a new warehouse next to our site. Secondly, we took over the bleach division of the Dutch company Burg Reiniging. This takeover allowed us to significantly expand our offering, resulting in more potential for new markets and our existing customer base. Thirdly, we also started producing our own packaging, an investment that has already helped us save more than a thousand extra truckloads and that will help us save many more in the future.



In 2022, LODA is a proud producer of a wide range of maintenance and cleaning products. We continue to focus on innovation and sustainability and keep looking for great partnerships and opportunities. On to the future!


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Hans Geerts

Managing Director

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Leen Verhulst


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Werner Van Baekel

Senior Management Assistant / Quality Control

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Thomas Van Beirendonck

Junior Management Assistant / Commercial Internal Service

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Anne De Jong

Operations Manager

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