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No, bleach is a compound solution of sodium hypochlorite (the active ingredient) and water.
In kitchens, work tables and utensils may be washed with bleach as long as the prescribed dosage and the recommended contact time are observed. It is compulsory to rinse the dishes after disinfection.
In 1785, the French chemist Berthollet discovered the decolourising properties of a solution of sodium hypochlorite in the bleaching of textiles. This happened in the village of Javel (now a district of Paris' 15th arrondissement). Hence the name Javel-water.
In swimming pools, liquid chlorine in the water counteracts microbial pollution by reacting with the organic elements contained in the impurities transferred by swimmers. It is therefore possible for chlorinated compounds to form, which have an irritating or malodorous effect. In fact, this means that the quantity of liquid chlorine in the pool water is too small and not the other way around.
No. You may simply use bleach to clean your toilet.


Cooking pots made of enamel or glass (not those made of stainless steel or aluminium) can be cleaned with 10° bleach. If your cooking pot is heavily stained, you can fill it with the bleach and leave it for 1 to 2 hours. Afterwards, pour away the water, fill the cooking pot with new water and the water boil to deodorise. Then, pour away the water again and rinse the cooking pot with tap water.
No,you should NEVER mix bleach with other cleaning products or agents. If you want to disinfect a surface perfectly, you should first wash and rinse it with clean water, then with bleach.
Yes, bleach deodorises and disinfects a refrigerator. Use 2 to 3 cl of 10° bleach per litre of water, leave for 5 minutes and rinse afterwards.
No, never. If you mix bleach with an acid (such as a descaler), it creates a higly toxic chlorine gas. So if, by mistake, you use bleach and the bleach comes into contact with a descaler, leave the room where you're in as quickly as possible and, if possible, let the room ventilate for a few minutes.
For cleaning and polishing, it is advisable to use bleach with warm water. To disinfect, lukewarm or cold water is sufficient.

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